Born in Fort Lauderdale, but an Atlanta resident for 10 years before settling in to Goldsboro, N.C. Colonel Loud swapped the street life for the studio after years of balancing both hustles. His music revolves around the day-to-day struggles of the average person, something he prides himself on. “A lot of artists try to tell everybody else’s story to please other folks or create an image that’s not true to who they are. People see through that. I rap about what I know and that’s why people connect with me as an entertainer. I entertain people but it’s based on personal experiences; I spit the real.”

Colonel Loud, who copped his name from his by-any-means-necessary lifestyle, got serious about his career a few years ago and several mix-tapes followed. While Another Day Another Dollar, Loud Pack Vol. 1, The Grind Finale were all well-received, it was the DJ Swamp Izzo project Old Money New Money that solidified the MC. “I don’t consider myself lyrical or try to sugarcoat the truth, which is why I feel my fans relate to me. I get in my zone, put what I’m feeling down on paper and let the beat dictate my flow. My music is my journal.”

You can’t help but hear the prolific influence of Colonel Loud’s musical inspirations. From the southern duos of UGK and 8 Ball & MJG, to west coast legends Tupac, Too $hort, Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre and east coast great Biggie, Colonel Loud learned from the best to ever step in the booth. The common thread of being able to balance what’s going on in the hood to knowing how to crank up the club is what makes this hot boy a fiery beast.

Colonel Loud possesses the ability to switch up his style, which he does so with expertise. On his single “Celebrate” with Lil Scrappy and Chris Mills on the hook, the Colonel salutes the good life by preaching the message of going hard while also taking time out to relax. “You keep seeing or hearing about kids getting killed in the streets and being a father, it’s war out here. And then you got just the everyday drama we all deal with, so this song is to remind people the importance of staying positive and strong in spite of the BS  the banger “All I Know,” which is from his “Old Money New Money” mix tape, features Pastor Troy and Project Pat. The track sheds light on the rapper’s loyalty to a few members of his crew that wasn’t reciprocated. Colonel Loud’s next EP titled Loud and Proud, which features Bubba Banks, an underground rapper signed to his label NuSTAR Studio INC will be just as enlightening. “This project is 85% about real issues and 15% entertainment. I got songs about prison life, as well as relationships. Jail taught me to tighten up and to put my family first and how to let go of stress.” With an impressive list of production talent from Rico Barrino, Zed Ziller, Mr. Hanky, Get Cool and Skee Beats, Loud and Proud  is shaping up to be Colonel Loud’s best work to date. “Wherever I go you’re gonna smell me and I don’t care who’s not with my movement. My motto is ‘haters make you greater’.”



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